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The Timelapse Tutorial category shows you all the free educational content I’ve made over the years. From planning to shooting and editing, it’s all covered if you want to learn how to timelapse.

Timelapse flickering

How to prevent and solve timelapse flickering

Timelapse flickering, most often caused by your lens aperture not closing properly can be prevented in a number of different ways.

Gimbal hyperlapse tutorial

In this tutorial I am going to teach you how to shoot a hyperlapse on a gimbal. This is an incredibly easy thing to do and gives you some really impressive visuals.

How to predict a great sunset

In this video I explain how to predict a great sunset for your timelapse shoots. Here's the short version: You need a clear horizon and some...

How to use PLANAR TRACKER for HYPERLAPSE in DaVinci Resolve Studio

You can use the Planar Tracker in DaVinci Resolve Studio to stabilize your hyperlapses in no time. https://youtu.be/FFXGDHmUW2o

How to make a TimeSlice video with After Effects

In this tutorial I teach you how to make a TimeSlice video with After Effects. A TimeSlice is a timelapse video that you slice into multiple columns.
Spinning earth effect tutorial cover

Spinning earth effect tutorial

Ever wondered how to create the spinning earth effect for your astro timelapse footage? All you need is an astro timelapse shot and the motion tracker in After Effects.

12K timelapse on a phone

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G has a built in 108 megapixel photo mode. 108 megapixels is 12000x9000 pixels aka twelve thousand pixels wide aka...

GoPro TimeWarp 2.0 Hyperlapse tutorial

Making great hyperlapse shots has never been easier thanks to the new TimeWarp 2.0 features in the GoPro Hero 8.
Title page for article Lightroom classic video import error

How to fix Lightroom import error “There is a problem with...

My main use for Adobe Lightroom Classic is to colour grade and edit timelapse sequences. I also use Lightroom to organise all sorts of files...

New free e-book about Hyperlapse Photography

Happy Thursday! Today I'm releasing a new timelapse e-book: The Basics Of Hyperlapse. This 15-page guide teaches you how to hyperlapse, from planning to shooting...