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The Timelapse Tutorial category shows you all the free educational content I’ve made over the years. From planning to shooting and editing, it’s all covered if you want to learn how to timelapse.

How to shoot cinematic footage on a smartphone

Leave the house, venture out, go explore! Heck, open up instagram and see if there are any photo hotspots around where you live by using 'search nearby places'. Then once you get there try not to copy the exact same photo, do try and get creative to give it your own spin.
It's not about the gear

It’s not about the gear

The camera doesn’t matter. You know what does matter? A good idea and the right person behind the camera. You know what also matters? Good music to put on your videos.

Two and a half hours editing timelapse photos in Lightroom and...

I've never shared my entire timelapse editing process like this before. In this two and a half hour long video I take you through the...

An overview of After Effects for timelapse photographers

Adobe After Effects is incredibly powerful software. It is used by thousands of post production professionals around the world in a range of creative disciplines.

In this article I give you an extensive overview of After Effects for timelapse photographers.

Slow motion and timelapse blending tutorial

How to combine slow motion and timelapse

All you need are two video files. One video has a silhouette style shot of a person. The other shot is a timelapse as a backdrop. Keep reading if you want to know how to download the clips I used in this tutorial.

How to timelapse with Samsung

In this video and article, you'll learn how to timelapse with a Samsung phone. https://youtu.be/DVi9i9_mJYc I’m using the Samsung S21 Ultra, which has some nice features...

How to fake long exposures with a timelapse

Here's a quick tutorial I made about how to fake long exposures with a timelapse. Using the free app StarStax you can generate a fake...

How to make a timeslice photo

Timeslice photos and videos have gotten quite popular over the last few years, here are three different timeslice tutorial videos.

How to make a power line collage

In this video you'll learn how to make a power line collage using a photo and some timelapse footage. You'll need Adobe Photoshop as well...

Ten tips for better hyperlapses

Today I want to do two things! Firstly, I want to give you ten tips to create better hyperlapses. Secondly, I want to share with...