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My name is Matthew Vandeputte

I have been a full time commercial timelapse photographer for nearly a decade. 
You can see my work on NetflixNational GeographicDiscovery channel and more. 
Some of my clients include GoogleSamsung, AdobeFord and Canon.

I have boiled down and distilled all of my timelapse knowledge into The Ultimate Timelapse Guide.


“This is THE comprehensive guide to time lapse for those that are serious about this type of photography.”
– Justin Punio

“The guide is comprehensive but concise and easy to follow. It helped me avoid many of the small mistakes and barriers that added up to stop me from really getting into timelapse shooting in the past.”
– Andrew Tallon

“If you're serious about taking your timelapse to the next level, I highly recommend Matt's e-books.”
– Richie Anker

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