Learn how to plan, shoot and process timelapse photography like a professional.

The Ultimate Timelapse Guide

No beating around the bush, The Ultimate Timelapse Guide gives you everything you need to know to plan, shoot and process the highest quality timelapse sequences in the most efficient way possible. You get access to over 7 years of my commercial timelapse knowledge boiled down into a 33 page e-book. If you want to learn how to timelapse, this book is exactly what you need. Here's what you get:
  • A camera gear checklist
  • How to plan and prepare your shoot
  • How to shoot basic timelapses (static exposure)
  • How to shoot advanced, holy grail timelapses (sunset or sunrise)
  • How to prevent and solve flickering issues
  • How to efficiently and consistently offload your shoot data
  • Basic timelapse processing using Photoshop
  • Advanced timelapse processing using Lightroom and LRTimelapse
  • Advanced timelapse processing using the above and After Effects
On top of that you get an exclusive 15% timelapse gear discount code as well as my custom file management template to use when offloading footage. There's also a handy timing reference table and a free Lightroom ramping plugin tutorial. If I had to guess how much time this guide would have saved me from when I started out, it would easily add up to a few hundred hours. With a minimum wage of about $19 here in Australia, that comes down to $3,800.

The Astro Timelapse Guide

This 25 page e-book is an additional, stand alone guide that focusses on astrophotography timelapse techniques. Here's what you get:
  • An astro photography gear list
  • How to plan your astro timelapse shoot
  • How to shoot astro timelapse sequences
  • How to edit astro timelapse sequences
  • How to deal with dew on your gear
  • How to prevent stars from trailing
  • How to create star trail photos using both Photoshop and StarStax
  • 3 original RAW photos to edit yourself
  • 2 Lightroom edit presets for astro timelapse sequences
You can buy both e-books as a bundle and save money!
The techniques and workflows covered in these e-book apply to any camera, from phones to compact cameras to DSLR's. As long as you can trigger the shutter with a remote (internal or external) you're good to go. Here's what is not featured in these e-books:
  • Free to use software. You can download fully functioning trial versions of all software packages discussed. The reason I don't talk about free software is because I couldn't find a single free app that did a good job. The goal of this guide is to teach you how to produce the best possible quality timelapses. There are simply no free apps available that do a good enough job. The exception is StarStax in the Astro guide, which is used to create star trail images.

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The Ultimate Timelapse Guide book review The Ultimate Timelapse Guide book review The Ultimate Timelapse Guide book review