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The Great Conjunction from London

Saturn and Jupiter are currently moving across the sky, slowly creeping closer and closer together until they appear to be one big, bright star...

How to stop lens fog for astro photography

If you've ever gone out to shoot some astro timelapses or photos chances are you've had a frustrating experience with your lens fogging up. This...
Spinning earth effect tutorial cover

Spinning earth effect tutorial

Ever wondered how to create the spinning earth effect for your astro timelapse footage? All you need is an astro timelapse shot and the motion tracker in After Effects.
Learn star photography in 5 minutes cover

Learn star photography in 5 minutes

Astrophotography or star photography is the pinnacle of photography for many people. It's intimidating at first because it looks so otherworldly, but it's actually...
An interview with Martin Heck from Timestorm Films

An interview with Martin Heck from Timestorm Films

Martin Heck is a timelapse photographer and filmmaker based in southern Germany. He runs timelapse production company Timestorm Films. I've known Martin for years...

Meteor explosion caught on camera.

On the 31st of May, 2019 I was on a road trip through the state of Utah. The goal of this road trip was...

Ten day Utah astrophotography road trip.

In June 2019 I went on a Utah astrophotography road trip with a stranger. Watch the video to find out if I got murdered...

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