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Moza Slypod Pro Hyperlapse Tutorial

The Moza Slypod Pro is a motorized, carbon fiber monopod. In this tutorial, I show you from beginning to end how to create captivating,...
helicopter hyperlapse tutorial

Helicopter hyperlapse tutorial

Ever wondered how to shoot a hyperlapse from a helicopter? Probably not, let's be honest. But just in case you did, here's a tutorial for you!
It's not about the gear

It’s not about the gear

The camera doesn’t matter. You know what does matter? A good idea and the right person behind the camera. You know what also matters? Good music to put on your videos.

Gimbal hyperlapse vs handheld hyperlapse

What are the pros and cons of shooting a hyperlapse on a gimbal vs shooting a hyperlapse the manual (handheld) way? This article explains...

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