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An interview with Martin Heck from Timestorm Films

An interview with Martin Heck from Timestorm Films

Martin Heck is a timelapse photographer and filmmaker based in southern Germany. He runs timelapse production company Timestorm Films. I've known Martin for years...

Drawing on a macbook with Stefan Kunz

Letter artist Stefan Kunz draws a creative quote on a macbook laptop while being shot on a motion control timelapse rig by Matthew Vandeputte.

Tourism Queensland – A timelapse shoot from sunset to sunrise

Tourism and Events Queensland called me up a while back asking if it's possible to shoot a sunset to sunrise timelapse project and then have the edited video go live on the same day. I said yes. Here's how we did it.

Behind The Scenes of my Youtube tutorials

Here's an old video on how I record my youtube tutorials. Shot on iPhone 6+ and uploaded straight to Youtube. If you'd like to...

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