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Black Friday Timelapse Discounts

I've trawled through dozens of websites and deals to collect the best timelapse deals for timelapse photographers. From cameras to lenses, to motion control gear,...

Expensive timelapse gear I often use

After the great feedback on the "affordable timelapse equipment" video from last week (linked below), I knew it made sense to do a follow-up...

Camera sensor cleaning gone wrong!

I spot on my camera sensor so you don't have to.
Cover for The best timelapse camera

The best timelapse camera

What is the best timelapse camera? Watch the video and find out!

Is the LRTimelapse Pro Timer 2.5 the best timelapse remote in...

The LRTimelapse Pro Timer 2.5 does not send an AutoFocus signal to the camera, it only sends the trigger signal. This means you get more time to operate your camera in between photos. This is useful to check your exposure, change your settings etc.
Mini timelapse kit

What’s in my mini timelapse bag

Imagine the following scenario: You're going on a one day city trip to a place you've never been.You'll likely be out from morning until after dark and you'll be doing a ton of walking. The last thing you want to do is to slow yourself down with a heavy camera bag.

Syrp Genie II Pan Tilt and Linear motion control device

The Syrp Genie II is a brand new timelapse and video motion control device. Read on to find out why you need a motion control system for your timelapse productions.

Timelapse Must Haves