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NEW // Timelapse For Beginners Course

Want to get started with timelapse photography and learn from a pro? My new course Timelapse For Beginners consists of over 40 videos teaching...

Stabilizing hyperlapse in Apple Motion

The post-production side of hyperlapse photography hasn't changed much over the last decade. You usually take your sequence, throw it in After Effects, apply a...

Camera sensor cleaning gone wrong!

I spot on my camera sensor so you don't have to.

How to make a timeslice photo

Timeslice photos and videos have gotten quite popular over the last few years, here are three different timeslice tutorial videos.

How to make a timelapse with Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro isn't really made to create timelapse sequences, but it is possible! In this short tutorial, you'll learn how to make a timelapse with...

Why you need LRTimelapse 6

Four years after the release of LRTimelapse 5 we are now at the final stages of the LRTimelapse 6 beta versions, with a final...

Moza Slypod Pro Hyperlapse Tutorial

The Moza Slypod Pro is a motorized, carbon fiber monopod. In this tutorial, I show you from beginning to end how to create captivating,...

Create a time slice photo with Time Stitch

While doing research for upcoming tutorials and software videos about timelapse I found a little app on the Apple App store called Time Stitch. It...
How to make a timelapse with iMovie

How to make a timelapse with iMovie

Imovie is a free app that comes with any new Apple computer. With a bit of a workaround you can use it to create real timelapse videos. It has limitations though, which I'll show you how to solve!
Spinning earth effect tutorial cover

Spinning earth effect tutorial

Ever wondered how to create the spinning earth effect for your astro timelapse footage? All you need is an astro timelapse shot and the motion tracker in After Effects.

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