Timelapse editing software

With timelapse photography, you are transforming a series of RAW photos into video files. Depending on the type of shot (static or changing light conditions) you need different editing software. I've broken the needed software up into different skill levels.

  • For beginner timelapse editing, where you just want to turn JPEG photos into a video. I recommend an easy-to-use app like TimeLapseDeflicker or GlueMotion.
  • For basic timelapse editing (with static lighting like a normal daytime shot) I recommend getting Lightroom Classic and LRTimelapse. You can download Lightroom Classic as part of a discounted photography bundle including Photoshop.
  • For advanced editing (with changing lighting like a sunset) I recommend LightroomLRTimelapse and After Effects. This is what I use for all of my work.
  • For hyperlapse editing you will need After Effects or Premiere Pro to use the built-in Warp Stabilizer effect.

Have a look at the video below to see how my workflow is set up. Further links are down below.

Timelapse software breakdown

There are many tools available to edit timelapses, here's an overview of how the most popular ones are used.

I highly recommend the free 30-day trial versions of all the Adobe software. LRTimelapse has a free version that allows you to process sequences up to 400 photos. That being said, the paid version of LRTimelapse is worth its weight in gold.

Free education about timelapse software

Over the years I have made hundreds of free videos on my YouTube channel teaching thousands of people how to timelapse. Paired with the articles on my blog, you have a huge amount of resources available for free to improve your skills.

Want to learn more about getting started with timelapse or hyperlapse photography? Check out my free e-books here or in the sidebar.