Passive income for creators

Passive income for creatives

This blog post explains how I've set up a passive income system that pays for my rent, flights and then some.
How to work from home article cover

7 tips to work from home in 2020

I've been working from home for the last 7 years (whenever I'm not out producing timelapse content for clients) and have managed to make this work for myself quite well.
Ten tips to my younger self cover

10 tips to my younger self as a timelapse photographer

START SHOOTING IN MANUAL MODE Because only then will your camera turn into an extension of your eyes. The less time you have to think about settings the faster you will be at translating how you interpret a scene in front of you.

How to start a newsletter

You don’t want to be dependent on a social media algorithm for your business, you want to have direct access to your audience’s inbox.