Hosting an instameet in Antwerp, Belgium Instameet in Antwerp, Belgium February 12th 2017 It's always great to be back in my hometown of Antwerp, Belgium. Especially if I get to host an...

Is Palawan paradise?

The last vlog from my Philippines trip last week.

Rooftopping in Brussels – Urbex adventure in Belgium Rooftopping in Brussels, is that something you'd be interested in, Matt? Why yes, yes I would be interested in that! Thanks for the invite Ruben,...

We got engaged and flew to Malta!

What more is there to say :)

Whale watching photography tips

Find out which camera gear and settings you need when going whale watching! Whales are not easy to shoot, it's important to be prepared if you want good results.

Cremorne Point sunset mission

Cremorne Point Sydney is one of the best places to shoot the city during sunset. On this particular day we were blessed with amazing...